PH4418 Physics in Indsutry

Instructor: Lew Wen Siang/Leek Meng Lee
Office: SPMS-PAP-03-04
Phone: 6316 2963
Lecture hours : Semester II 2017/2018, Monday 1330 - 1530, Thursday 0930 - 1130
Lecture Hall:SPMS-TR+6 (Monday and Thursday)

Course Objective:
Due to the diversity of physics applications in the industry, undergraduate students are overwhelmed with the choice of industry to join when they are looking for jobs. This course introduces a few major industries in Singapore where physics has substantial applications in. This will allow students to see a broad spectrum of industries and how physics is being applied in these industries. It aims to help the students to make informed decisions about their employment when they graduate.

Course Assessment:
A test at the end of each topic. Total 60%.

A project about investigating deeper into the applications of Physics in a certain industry chosen by the student. A report (20%) is to be submitted and a presentation (20%) is to be given at the end of course.

Course outline:

Lecture 1 Introduction to Semiconductors
Lecture 2 Carrier Transport Phenomena in Semiconductors
Lecture 3 Non-Equilibrium Excess Carriers in Semiconductors
Lecture 4 The pn Junction Diodes
Lecture 5 The Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor (MOSFET)
Lecture 6 Other Semiconductor Devices
Lecture 7 Introduction to Magnetism
Lecture 8 Low Dimensional Magnetism
Lecture 9 Electronic Transport in Magnetic Materials
Lecture 10 Magnetic Recording