Funding Support

We acknowledge the supports of the following funding agency for our research:

Research Scope
Grant Scheme
Funding Agency/Company
19 Advaced ReRAM Technology for Embedded Systems IAF-ICP

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18 ReRAM devices development Industry Postrgraduate Program

17 ST-FMR development Industry Postrgraduate Program

16 Imaging System NTU-GAP

15 Neuromorphic Computing ASTAR- Programmatic

14 Imaging System NTU-GAP Ignition

13 STT-MRAM material characterisation Industry-IHL Partnership

12 Developent of RRAM devices Industry Postrgraduate Program

11 4 projects on perpendicular STT-MRAM developments Industry Postrgraduate Program

10 Non-volatile magnetic logic and memory integrated circuit devices Competitive Research Programme

9 Multifunctional spintronics materials and devices (Co-PI) Competitive Research Programme

8 Spintronic devices for magnetic immunoassay applications Public Sector Funding

7 Ultra low power nueromorphic computing with spin devices (Collaborator) Academic Research Fund Tier 2

6 Spin engineering in patterned magnetic structures Academic Research Fund Tier 1

5 Magnetic domain wall devices Scientist Exchange Programme

4 Spintronic based lab-on-a-chip for bio-detection applications Merlion

3 Energy dissipation-less spin-based devices ASPIRE Consortium

2 An integrated magneto-fluidic chip for cancer cell sorting College of Science Research Collaboration Award

1 Bio spintronics devices Start-up