PH4405 - Final Year Project (10 AU):

In this course the registered student will undertake a research project over two semesters. FYP assessment include supervisor input, thesis report, viva exmination and oral presentation.

Our research group constantly accept undergraduate student for experimental, theoretical and modelling projects. Our state-of-the-art nano-and micro-fabrication laboratory, computation workstation facility and supportive guidance from full time researchers provide quality science and engineering training for student. Both technical skills (mechanical, electrical, electronics) and research methodology/analysis are given special emphasis in our training programme. We aim to produce quality graduate that not only posesses strong analytical skills they are equally experience in hands-on groundwork. Expectations are high as the standard of our project are close to frontier research and our FYP physics students are capable of producing international conference and peer-reviewed journal papers from year to year.

We have trained more than 20 FYP students and since graduation they have embarked their career on microelectronics engineering, manufacturing engineering, defence research, material research, ICT, teaching, civil defence, etc.

In Semester 1 AY 2016/2017 our group offer the following research projects for interested third and fourth year undergraduate.

Project Title
Novel high anisotropy perpendicular magnetic anisotropy materials for Spin Transfer Torque-Magnetoresistance Random Access Memory (STT-MRAM) applications
Current-driven skyrmion dynamics for magnetic memory applications
Fabrication and characterisation of oxide-based resistive random accces memory device
Current-driven domain wall motion in PMA multilayers with Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction for magnetic memory applications
Deterministic spin-orbit torque induced magnetization reversal
Characterization of novel materials with perpendicular anisotropy through ferromagnetic resonance spectroscopy
Highly synergistic cancer treatment with nanomagnets
Dynamics of magnetic particles on a ferromagnetic network structure