PH2102 Electromagnetism

Instructor: Lew Wen Siang
Office: SPMS-PAP-03-04
Phone: 6316 2963
Lecture hours :Semester II 2013/2014 Monday 1.30 - 3.30 pm, Friday 3.30 - 4.30pm
Lecture Hall:LT2 (Monday, Friday)

Course Objective:
This course aims to provide student a fundamental understanding on classical electromagnetic field theory, in forms of the relations between electromagnetic fields, charges and currents. After the course the student shall be able to use their conceptual understanding of the electromagnetic laws to qualitatively describe a solution to a electromagnetic field problem.

Reference Books:
“Principles of Electromagnetics”, 4th edition, M. Sadiku, Oxford University Press (2007).
“Introduction to Electrodynamics”, 4th edition, David J Griffiths, Addison-Wesley (2012).
“Modern Electrodynamics”, Andrew Zangwill, 1st edition, Cambridge University Press (2012).
“Engineering Electromagnetics”, 2nd edition, Nathan Ida, Springer (2007).
“Advanced Engineering Electromagnetics”, 2nd edition, Constantine A. Balanis, Wiley (2012).


Final Examination 70% Restricted open book
Term Test 1 10%  
Term Test 2 10%  
Tutorial Homework 5% + 5%  

Course outline:

Lecture 1 Vector Analysis and Calculus
Lecture 2 Electrostatics
Lecture 3 Electrostatic Boundary Value Problems
Lecture 4 Electric Field in Matter
Lecture 5 Magnetostatics
Lecture 6 Magnetic Field in Matter
Lecture 7 Electrodynamics
Lecture 8 Electromagnetics Wave and Propagation
Lecture 9 Transmission Lines and Waveguides
Lecture 10 Antenna