Magnetic Logic

We have designed and experimentally demonstrated a concept of magnetic reconfigurable logic – a physical magnetic structure that able to perform multiple logical gate functions with the ease of a field control GATE. A conventional semiconductor logical gate consists of multiple NAND universal gates. Each NAND gate is formed by a circuit network of CMOS transistor. Each functional logical gate, e.g. AND, NOR, OR, etc., requires a unique combination of NAND universal gates. With the reconfigurable logic device, a single magnetic structure can be used to perform NAND, AND, NOR, OR, etc. Boolean operations and a current-control GATE is used as a logic gate selector.

The development of spin logic has been very extensive in the past few years, partly due to new concept applications as non-volatile logic, as well as the potential need for integrated magnetic memory and logic embedded system. The development of magnetic solid state memory is relatively well established, at least on the architecture of memory, but the non-volatile spin logic is still not fully explored. In addition to our unique design on reconfigurable logic, we also explore other approach for our spin logic research, such as MTJ-based device.